The Seafood Restaurant “A PISCINA” started its activity in the summer of 1989.

With perfect accessibility and a privileged location, the Seafood Restaurant “A Piscina”, open every day from 10:00 a.m. to 02:00 p.m., benefits from a large terrace where you can enjoy our restaurant and brewery services on hot summer nights in a Friendly and welcoming atmosphere overlooking St. Peter’s Church.

There is also a dining room with a view not only to the municipal swimming pool complex which in summer reminds you of holidays and rest but also a pleasant Alentejo plain as a background.

It is located in the new part of the city of Serpa and is implemented in the complex of the municipal pool next to the camping, it has a service for the general public and for the users of the municipal swimming pool.

A modern space that offers the good traditional dishes of Alentejo cuisine, but also a brewery and seafood restaurant with its own seafood aquarium.

We also serve a wide variety of cold snacks and salads and beautiful snails in their time, as well as other delicacies of our gastronomy such as wild asparagus, wild mushrooms, thrushes and other wonders of the region.

The dishes of our menu try to follow to the maximum the recipes of our ancestors, made with the freshest and best quality products whenever possible acquired from local producers and always as regional as possible.

From 2003 the company adopted another marketing perspective, always with a clear bet on the quality of the products and the qualification of the staff, maintaining and improving the services that had until then, bet on other types of gastronomy not present in the region such as dishes of fresh fish and shellfish always fresh and alive in our own aquarium.

Associated with typical and regional dishes for foreigners and visitors, a wide range of seafood and fresh fish for greater and better customer satisfaction, the establishment began to have a greater demand which allowed the hiring of more employees, noting since then an increase in the clientele and turnover in the establishment.

In 2006 the establishment was closed for works of expansion and improvement to ensure not only a better service to customers but also to adapt the building to the legal norms now required.

After the completion of the works and resumed the activity there was a greater acceptance and pleasure of our customers and friends that has been translated in recent years in an increase in demand by the local population but also by many visitors.